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Delivery Stocks Trading Strategy / Formula
Product Code: 104
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Product Details

  • This strategy is for delivery based traders who prefer to buy Stocks / Equities and hold them for longer periods.

  • Though buy & hold is good strategy, it also means that the money invested remains locked up without giving any interim returns to the investor. (If stocks / equities fall)

  • Our carefully designed strategy teaches delivery traders to take profit at every up & down of Stocks / Equities without any tensions. (every month many times)

  • This strategy allows investor to earn fix profits at every dip & rise of stocks / equities.

  • Detailed concept with step by step example provided with the strategy.

  • Easy to use calculators provided with strategy help you adjust your Stocks for sure profits.

  • This brings down purchase cost of Stocks / Equities which can be sold later when rates of Stocks / Equities rise 
    giving additional profit to investor.

  • Stock selection criteria explained in the strategy.

  • Minimum investment required for trading is Rs 20000/- and in multiples.

  • Keep your investment safe and earn 3 to 15 % p.m. or more. (If followed precisely)

  • Strategy success rate 99 % approximately.

        Wish you successful Delivery Stocks trading.

Pay in INR

Rs. 3999/-

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$ 100/-



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