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Nifty Futures Intraday Strategy

(Nifty day trading)
Product Code: 124
INR : Rs. 3999/-                USD $ 100/-





Product Details


Suitable for trading in all Nifty futures traded on NSE.
Simple and easy to use.
Calculators provided with the strategy help you find exact entry, exit and stop loss rates. (After entering certain parameters)
Gives 3 to 4 chances to adjust nifty future position in profit even if it is going against you.
You also get three precise square off targets on buying or selling sides as per your trading direction.
Strategy works on current data. Past data cannot predict future moves.
If you trade in Nifty futures for say 20 days you will find that they make big movement up/down for 7/8 days, medium movement up/down for 6/7 days. On all such days you can make profits. For remaining 4/5 days futures are flat / range bound. This results in net profit at the end of month.
Can make profits on both sides, whether nifty futures are moving up or down.
Position adjustment logic explained with the strategy which helps in achieving higher success ratio.
Minimum investment required for trading is Rs 35000/- and in multiples. (May vary according to margin or lot size changes)
Can earn 15 to 45 % p.m. or more. (If followed precisely)
Strategy success rate 85 - 90 % approximately.
Strategy available at one time cost.

Wish you successful Nifty futures intraday trading.

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Rs. 3999/-

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$ 100/-


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