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No Loss Options Trading Strategy
(For Nifty and Stocks)
Product Code: 101
INR : Rs. 6999/-                USD $ 200/-





Product Details

  • Most of the investors shy away from options because options are time sensitive and can expire out of money and worthless losing entire premium.

  • Time decay results into risk of losing entire investment in relatively short period of time.

  • Selling naked Calls / Puts risks unlimited losses if underlying stock goes in opposite directions.

  • Our carefully designed options trading strategy assures investors of zero losses / only profit with tensionless simple trading technique.

  • No matter, whether the stocks / Index goes up or down. More the movements in Stock / Index more the profits.

  • Our Winning Strategy is combination of buying and selling options and adjusting them in such a way to cover entire movement of Stock / Index up to expiry date, allowing investor to make profits every month.

  • Forget tips forget charts, trade like a Pro and be a master in options trading.

  • No need to worry about / track Options Greeks like Delta / Vega / Theta / Gamma etc.

  • “Dynamic” rolling logic explained in minute details with step by step example.

  • No worries about rising / crashing / gaping up / gaping down markets.

  • Can trade in Nifty / Bank Nifty and all Stock options.(NSE / NASDAQ / DOW and other exchanges)

  • After subscription, you receive an E-file having complete details of constructing the position and rolling technique with 
    step by step example provided with it.

  • Profit range: 10 to 30 % p.m. or more depending on Nifty / Stock movement.

  • Minimum investment required for trading is Rs. 30000/- and in multiples.(may vary as per SEBI rules)

  • Strategy success rate 99% approximately.

  • To earn regular income from Stock / Index options month after month, year after year subscribe our “Options Trading Strategy”.

    Wish you successful & no loss options trading.

Pay in INR

Rs. 6999/-

Pay in USD

$ 200/-



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